Bergey Windpower
& Westwind Tubrine

At LRS Electrical we carry out repair work and routine maintenance on Bergey Excel 10kW turbines and Westwind turbines throughout the UK. ​

Bergey windpower and Westwind turbines are recommended to be serviced every 12 months, our services include these inspections:

- Tower or lattice frame and guy wires
- Furling mechanism
- Inverter  
- Braking syste​m
- Full blade repair and leading edge tape (if required)
- New rubber washers on nose cone
- Torque on all bolts
- Alternator and nacelle
- Damper system
- Turbine earthing system
- All electrical connections
- And much more.

We have our own set of rams for 15m, 20m and 25m towers. We are also Bergey main dealer and have 6 years experience on installing, servicing and repairing on these turbines.

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