Froling & Evoworld Biomass Boiler
Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance

At LRS Electrical, we have 4 years of experience within the biomass sector, teaming up with many company’s along the way such as; HERZ, Froling, eVoworld, ETA and many more. We offer biomass boiler servicing in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion & the Swansea area.

We service, maintain and repair for all biomass boiler makes and types including pellet, log and wood chip. If a biomass boiler isn’t serviced regularly, it will generally reduce their efficiency and performance over time. Regular care and servicing will extend and ensure optimum performance maximising the lifespan of your boiler resulting in greater RHI returns.

We provide a 24 hour call out service in Pembrokeshire and Carmathenshire.

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Evoworld Biomass Boiler Servicing
During a service our engineer will:

*Check the boiler’s fault log
*Inspect all boiler access doors and seals, check and replace if damaged
*Thoroughly examine and clean heat exchanger
*Check and clean combustion chamber, including all refractory blocks, tilting grates or walking floor grates, stoker and ash augers
*Test and clean fuel store and boiler augers
*Clear primary and secondary air ports of carbon and ash build up
*Inspect and clean boiler draught fan system and rebalance (if needed)
*Inspect all mechanical seals
*Inspect and test ignition device
*Check and lubricate all motors, chains and bearings
*Check control panel hardware and PCB electrical connections
*Check anti-burnback and all other safety systems are fully operational
*Test, run and check operation of all boiler systems
*Remove and clean your turbulators

Pellet Biomass Boiler
Chip Biomass Boiler

Evoworld Biomass Boiler - Before

Evoworld Biomass Boiler - After

Froling Biomass Boiler Firmware Updates/Diagnostics